Why did we start this business? At the end of 2017, I visited my relatives in KohKong province. The sad thing is that I saw coffee fall out of the market as Cambodia imported a lot of coffee from abroad and the population of people who drink coffee is increasing but local coffee has no market that is why I started Agape Cafe . So I started this business with the aim of providing the poor with organic coffee instead of chemical coffee, and we also want to support local coffee grown by farmers as well as support other women to empower them. Starting a business to get better income for themselves.



To see rural communities better well-being by developing high-qaulity products for the local Cambodia market.


The Cambodia coffee market is expected to triple in the next 3 years. However, 90% of the local consumption is imported from abroad.

Agro Agape wants to bridge that gap and increase local coffee production in Cambodia by working with local farmers and giving them the tools to be able to grow more coffee. 

We are building a business structure and team to work directly with communities to provide them job,  skill and development to promote local products and life flourishing to build the kingdom. Standing behind farmers to plant more coffee trees to scale up more coffee production in order to support women in micro-small coffee shops. Manage support systems by training, mentoring and consulting customers to haveenough capacity to run their business.